dictionary of merchandising

How to evaluate whether you have a good job with 6 criteria?
People of all ages, occupying any position in companies, men and women with scanty or gigantic incomes - always ask themselves whether they chose the right place. Such doubts can…

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Resume "on stock"
It would seem that what's common to logistics with a staff specialist? One manages traffic flows, and the second is human. Cargos are concentrated in warehouses, and people? Some of…

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Dismissal is just a step towards a new job
The desire to throw everything loudly slam the door and wickedly think at the same time that, it seems, we will see how you are all here without me going…

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Business Lunch: Etiquette Rules

These were the disappointing results of the trial course “Business Lunch etiquette.” We all failed at the first dinner. But after all, a lot depends on the business lunch: your image as a business person, the image of the firm that will be judged by your behavior, the success of important negotiations, entering into higher business circles, etc. For this reason, such courses that affect all aspects of a business lunch begin to gain popularity, starting with the fact that there are spaghetti, not dropping them on their shirt, and ending with how to properly open mussels. Continue reading

Its among its

We often hear how important it is to create a positive image. But very little is known about how to do it. Yes – general recommendations. Meanwhile, we do not even think about some ordinary but important components of it …

The image is the image of the person as a whole; the way he looks in the eyes of other people. Strictly speaking, it is a representation of people around the external and internal appearance of a person. At the same time creating an image – it does not mean to impress, because the impression is an instant reaction, and the image is a settled and established opinion. Properly constructed image is the key to success – both personal and professional. Continue reading

About presentations and gifts

Bribe is considered a costly gift, handed over before or after the service of a particular person using the official position. Gifts are the very thing we are looking for on the eve of the New Year, birthday, etc.
And the price of a gift depends on our well-being, fantasy and, of course, the personality of the presenter. Statistics show: 15% of men believe that the gift itself does not matter, the main thing – attention, and 23% prefer the gifts are practical. However, it is not easy to satisfy others. Continue reading

The word is not a sparrow …

Occasionally, you see a man, and involuntarily slips away admiration – how he is dressed, how well he looks and looks good. And then this man opens his mouth – and there is no trace of admiration.

On the contrary, you think: it would be better if he was silent, then at least it would be possible to further admire. The word, as you know, is not a sparrow: it will fly out – you will not catch it. And it is the words and culture of communication that can instantly dispel the image of a business, and just a raised person. Continue reading

Where is my 17 years old? Why age matters

A small study of websites and newspapers helping to find employees or work showed that 90% of all advertisements could serve as grounds for accusations of discrimination on the basis of age. The attitude towards age in Ukraine and civilized countries differs dramatically. For Western companies it is normal to employ a specialist at the age of 50 and even 60 years. This is problematic in our country. The attitude to the age of employees in our country is similar to the situation in some Asian firms, where subordinates can not be senior manager. Continue reading