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Why are you gossiping at the office?
Do not think that Job vacancies is a waste of time! On the contrary, it is a unique opportunity to find new acquaintances and advance on a career ladder. First…

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From a crisis and unemployment will save a good resume
In addition to inflation, rising prices and increasing all sorts of tariffs, the unstable economic situation has also led to a reduction in jobs. And loss of work can be…

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What can not be done at work
The American careerbuilder.com portal has formulated "nine office precepts," a daily newspaper writes 15 minutes. Do not steal This biblical commandment is especially relevant for an office worker. How often…

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How to improve the efficiency of work?

There are simple 20 rules, the observance of which will help to work more efficiently:

I see the goal – I do not see the obstacles …
Many people often waste time and energy just because they do not really imagine their goal. At the same time, they constantly do something, they are busy and tired even more than if they were directly engaged in the achievement of their goal. If you do not know what you want – it means you will not achieve it. You can comfort yourself that in the absence of the goal, “any wind is related”, but when the current and the accidental wind break your ship on the rock, you will immediately want to return time back and sail to the other side. Continue reading

Your requirements for a new job

To make your dreams come true, first of all think that you are ready to offer employers. People with a solid professional experience have no difficulty answering the question: “What do you know?” usually do not test. But those who are looking for work for the first time are confused: “I do not know anything and I can not. I do not need anyone.” We assure you, you are mistaken, so categorically self-assessing. Continue reading

Homework (How not to be deceived)

Many would like to work at home. I took the job at home, did it, took the results and got the money. Moreover, the presence of a computer is available to it. However, home work is not only on a computer …

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How are the right decisions taken and what does it mean to own information?

Increasingly, in the descriptions of requirements for candidates for vacant positions, one can see a point like “the ability to work with large volumes of information.”

Moreover, such a requirement applies not only to managers who make serious decisions, but also to applicants who are applying for starting positions – trainees (from the department of HR to the commercial department). Continue reading