dictionary of merchandising

How to effectively use job vacancies when looking for a job?
Do not think that Job vacancies is a waste of time! On the contrary, it is a unique opportunity to find new acquaintances and advance on a career ladder. First…

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The word is not a sparrow ...
Occasionally, you see a man, and involuntarily slips away admiration - how he is dressed, how well he looks and looks good. And then this man opens his mouth -…

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How to effectively use job vacancies when looking for a job?
Do not think that Job vacancies is a waste of time! On the contrary, it is a unique opportunity to find new acquaintances and advance on a career ladder. Firstly,…

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Marketing as a way to meet demand through trade

Many Ukrainian businessmen of the older generation question the question: “Are you doing marketing research?” – shifted indecisively shoulders, and at best they would say that there is somewhere a department with such a name, attached, it seems, to advertising. Someone will say that the tremendous experience allows you to evaluate the market and conduct business, as they say, on the eye, and this method has never led him. However, the further “into the depths” the market economy develops, the clearer the fact that marketing research is not a tribute to fashion, but a real necessity. In order for the business to flourish, the new product has taken root in the market, for the very beginning this very market needs to be carefully studied and analyzed, which will greatly reduce the risk of making important decisions, will effectively distribute the potential of the firm. This is especially true in a situation where a new market segment is not yet formed or a new business direction has not yet been “debugged.” Continue reading

How to become a marketing specialist

The official interpretations of the term (and today they have accumulated several hundred!) More than serious. When it comes to increasing sales turnover, successful promotion and multi-million dollar profits, it’s somehow not a joke. However, some definitions still cause an involuntary smile.

“Marketing – managing demand satisfaction through trade”. Or: “Implementation of business processes in the direction of flow of goods and services from producer to consumer.” Reading similar literary pearls, you know, the secret of the success of Philip Kotler, the founder of the marketing theory, who explained simply, but tastefully: “Marketing is the art and science of choosing the target market correctly, attracting, retaining and increasing the number of consumers, creating the buyer’s confidence that he represents the highest value for the company “. Continue reading

Brief dictionary of merchandising

Merchandising is a science of how to sell the product faster. In the vacancies began to meet newfangled words whose meaning is unclear. And job descriptions in general remain a secret.

Here is a short dictionary for a beginner job seeker in the field of merchandising.

Manager. In the broad sense of the word – the manager. In the broader – anyone.
Office manager – read as a secretary. The synonym for the “secretary-referent” job is the administrator in the office. The usual secretary work requires office work skills and adds a bunch of parallel responsibilities. Continue reading

The main qualities that a brand manager must possess

What prevents brands from being successful? The answer is simple – the quality and knowledge of the people who control them. And in many ways – the wrong understanding of the problems of the brand manager.

In fact, it does not matter how the person responsible for one of the most important assets of your company is called – the brand. It may be the owner of the company, and the marketing director, and the product manager, and still unimportantly-as-named-head. The essence of this does not change. This person is responsible for the profitability and efficiency of your brand. Therefore, you can call it a brand manager. Continue reading

The specifics of the work of merchandisers in Ukraine

Merchandiser in Ukraine is a kind of “rummy” mix of seller, consultant, trade or regional representative and merchandise. In many companies, the control over the presence of goods of a certain brand in outlets, and the provision of promotional and informational materials are added to the duties of these specialists. Among the mandatory requirements for candidates, some firms put forward driving licenses, communicative skills and organizational skills. Continue reading

Types of fraud in the labor market
Companies that sell products using network marketing are a bit different. They really offer work, but it is very different from the one that the applicant expects. Personnel-deceiversit Most often,…


How are the right decisions taken and what does it mean to own information?
Increasingly, in the descriptions of requirements for candidates for vacant positions, one can see a point like "the ability to work with large volumes of information." Moreover, such a requirement…