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How are the right decisions taken and what does it mean to own information?

Increasingly, in the descriptions of requirements for candidates for vacant positions, one can see a point like “the ability to work with large volumes of information.”

Moreover, such a requirement applies not only to managers who make serious decisions, but also to applicants who are applying for starting positions – trainees (from the department of HR to the commercial department).

What this quality, why it is needed and how to acquire it – I devoted this article to these three issues, which covered the problem of effective thinking.

The answer to the second question – Why do you need to work with information? – lies on the surface, although at first glance it may seem that it is not. Often, people think that awareness (as simple knowledge of facts) is a sufficient condition for successful activity, while truly valuable information is hidden behind the surface of the facts, and in order to discover it, one must have a good command of such “techniques” of thinking as analysis, generalization, systematization and creative approach.

Even while working at starting positions, the employee constantly has to make decisions, which depends on how successful his work will be in the future. For example, among the functions of the trainee of the department on staffing – a regular review of the resume, sent by e-mail, as well as the search for suitable resume on the Internet. The number of summaries that you have to review and evaluate daily can be several dozen or even hundreds. Experienced recruiters spend on each resume an average of 10 seconds – this time is enough to make a decision: whether it is worth interviewing with the candidate. It is clear that for such a work the employee needs the ability to efficiently analyze the information.

When selecting for a vacant position, in order to assess the candidate’s thinking abilities, this form of group work is often used as a case study. Often, a situation requiring a solution is described in 30-50 pages or more, so in a limited time (usually, an hour is usually given to a case), it is necessary to cut off the unwanted information in the text, highlighting the priority, which really relates to the conditions of the problem .

Ability to work correctly with details – a very bright indicator of the ability to think analytically. If you, when telling the HR manager about your experience or making a decision on the case, feel that you go into the specifics, stop and ask the question: “How important is this information important now?”

On the basis of the analysis, the classification is conducted, in other words, the ordering of the perceived information and own experience. For example, any employee who deals with the sale of his company’s goods or services, it is desirable to have at least an approximate classification of possible types of clients, in order to understand at a timely point with whom it is necessary to continue negotiations or to start working, and on whom it is better not to waste time.

In order to demonstrate the example of a “bad” client, one can describe the following situation from the practices of the recruitment agency. The agency is appealing to the company, which wants to find a specialist on the Lotus system. At a meeting with the recruiter, the company representative inquired in detail about whether the agency was engaged in vacancies associated with Lotus, for which companies, how successful were the search, in which companies use this system. In this case, the client refuses from any forms of prepayment. This is the behavior of a typical “marketer” whose true purpose is to find out the situation on the market in order to successfully sell its product (in this case, Lotus). He does not need new employees, he uses a cursory agency as a source of information for a pretext.

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