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Do not think that Job vacancies is a waste of time! On the contrary, it is a unique opportunity to find new acquaintances and advance on a career ladder. First…

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Homework (How not to be deceived)

Many would like to work at home. I took the job at home, did it, took the results and got the money. Moreover, the presence of a computer is available to it. However, home work is not only on a computer …

Whatever happens, I suggest reviewing articles from the server But for a start, a little story about one of my acquaintances – Alexei.

Once Leshka dreamed the idea that if you find work on the Internet, then you can work in the summer without leaving home. And what, he thought, people work at home and get money. He programmed on Visual Basic and began to look for suggestions. Found They called I do not know what the company was, but they needed programmers with their computer. Leszka agreed, took the assignment and for the program he promised 200 green. Was it a long time, shortly, but when it finished, he came for money. He was given 50 and said that the rest after all will check. Then they were fed for breakfast for a long time, in the sense of calling tomorrow. When he was tired of everything, he came to this firm and made a scandal.

With great difficulty, he scratched another 50 and swore more here without a foot. Here’s such homework. And how to deal with it at all is not clear, you may need to conclude a contract and careful read it. The truth is to judge for 100 green because you will not be more expensive.

So, the stories from the Bluff server.

Option one: ball “business.
With the wishing to work at home is an agreement on which of the balls with plastic beads need to separate the black balls from the white. From the whites later promised to stamp disposable syringes. For each selected portion (approximately 250 g), the contract offered a payment of 25 rubles. However, “raw materials” are very expensive and in case of a ball loss, it is proposed to add RETURN for each ball to 140 rubles, which you will be given immediately after work.

The scammers offered to pledge just a few balloons. And for greater convincingness at the time of writing the contract appeared false faces who publicly unknowingly unfastened the money “for work”.

The bait was swallowed, especially since the work is not dusty – it’s not harder than picking up wheat or buckwheat. Amounts of collateral sometimes zakalkaliyu for 200 dollars from the client. Needless to say, after the collateral, the company dissolved in the fog, and the client remained with “insanely expensive raw materials” on his hands (his market value is 100 rubles per tonne).

Option 2: “solid company”.
In the ad: a solid company is looking for employees for home work. You come to a beautiful office, full of office equipment. You are given a preliminary interview, they pay you a salary (not less than $ 500) and make a prerequisite – at home there must be a fax, a computer, a copier, etc. Naturally, there is not enough people at home to have this whole set. Then you are offered to buy from them all the necessary office equipment, more precisely, to give money (a car or other property) to “SALARY”. All of this you acquire, you are promised to upload work after a while – it is necessary for them to recruit more “employees” for normal work, and, of course, after a certain time you stay with a semi-living office equipment, which even to throw is ashamed!

Option is the third “pyramid”.
It was in Canada, but in my opinion, I read something like this about us. Everything starts with a regular announcement, such as “Work at home. You can earn thousands by filling out envelopes. For further information, send the envelope with your address and brand to the following address …”

Again, we are talking only about the envelope with the brand (not the purchase of envelopes), and now, after sending such an envelope, in a couple of days you receive the following letter: “Dear Sir, you have made the right choice! Now you will” fill the envelopes “and earn for 2 dollars for each such envelope … “Further, there are several more paragraphs in the same spirit, and at the end, when you already begin to believe the written, you are required $ 49.95 in ZALOG – only to be sure of the seriousness of your In the past, I apologize several times, saying that with the udo olstvyem oboshlys bы and without collateral, but, Alas, bыly already nehoroshye Such people kotoryya … At last, you obeschayut, something As Only Vы “napolnyte” The first 40 konvertov, you эtu amounting Get back.

“Well, it’s necessary, what are the wretches!” – An enraged candidate in the “fillers of envelopes”, bearing in mind, of course, not the organizers of the “envelope” business, and those mythical intruders, due to which the company must now take a pledge. “Well, I will not let them down!” – He thinks, sending a check. “I will work honestly …” The answer from “employers” does not make itself wait.

Somewhere in a week after the receipt of the check, you receive one more letter from them, and in the letter the instruction – how to fill the envelopes to get 2 dollars for each. First and foremost, you are told that if you were counting on an easy “mechanical” job, you can say goodbye to this idea – the envelopes are filled in and sealed automatically, and it costs a few cents per thousand envelopes.

For the same, in order to receive $ 2 per envelope, the authors of the “instructions” write –

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