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Your requirements for a new job

To make your dreams come true, first of all think that you are ready to offer employers. People with a solid professional experience have no difficulty answering the question: “What do you know?” usually do not test. But those who are looking for work for the first time are confused: “I do not know anything and I can not. I do not need anyone.” We assure you, you are mistaken, so categorically self-assessing.

Tips for beginners.
To begin with, take a blank sheet of paper and try to remember everything – what kind of education you have, on which subjects you study at a school or institute, you have achieved the greatest success. Add to this list the various clubs and electives you have attended, participate in conferences and competitions.

Do not hurry to immediately admit that you do not have professional experience. Perhaps you helped someone in the organization of your own business, made urgent calculations, and typed voluminous text. Or they were on an internship, earning money during the holidays, went on industrial practice.

Try to objectively evaluate your business and personal qualities. Worth listening to what your relatives and friends talk about you. You may not agree with their comments, but you do not have to mislead the employer with their “performance and accuracy,” if you do not have them.

We hope that such a comprehensive analysis of your capabilities will allow you to gain confidence and determine where you better look for work and what skills you do not have enough.

Now you can formulate your requirements for future work.

Realistic approach.
The standard wishes of the applicants are as follows:

Stability of the company. But the stability of the firm and the stability of your position are not the same thing at all. There are organizations where high turnover of personnel is a part of corporate culture. The average duration of their employees varies from two months to half a year. In addition, even very stable companies are experiencing periods of staff cuts, disagreements between founders, etc.

The proximity of the future job to the place of residence. Daily spending 3 hours on a single-way city bus journey is unrealistic for most employees. Yes, and the employer himself usually does not agree on such compromises: “You will be so tired that you will not be able to work.” However, an hour and a half on the road to the place of work – this is normal for most residents of Moscow and the closest Moscow.

One day I had to observe how a graduate of the exchange rates of cashiers who did not have the experience of work refused an extremely attractive proposition: “I can not go to work for an hour and a half. Find me the same place closer to my house.” The human resource specialist explained for a long time that this is a rare success for her, because such conditions of work and such salary are not offered to beginners. The girl was left with her opinion and missed a good chance.

A strictly normalized working day. In some companies, delays after the end of the working day are not welcome. It is believed that you can not correctly plan and organize your working time. But in many organizations there is a different point of view. At work, as a rule, secretaries are delayed (their working day is directed at the leader), HR staff (10-12 interviews per day, and also registration of documents!). For recruiters and managers of training centers, the working day continues at home, on the phone. Some of their clients can only be contacted late at night. If you get into a firm where there is no time limit, you should either accept such conditions or immediately refuse to work in this organization.

Career prospects. Your statement that you are planning a professional growth is worthy of respect. But sometimes it does not quite fit with the goals that the employer sets himself. One day I was asked to find a secretary for the director of a commercial company. Among the standard professional requirements, one sounded unusual: “Without career ambitions.” “And what’s the matter?” – I asked. “Over the past year we have changed four secretaries, all of them went on a boost and now work as managers. We are tired and we want to find the person who likes this job.”

Social benefits. The high requirements for the social package are justified only in the case of highly professional specialists applying for responsible positions. At the same time, it is somewhat weird to hear an extensive list of social benefits, which are considered by those who are just starting their labor path in the process of work.

Good friendly team. At the same time, specific wishes may be expressed regarding the age of its members (“youth”) or composition (“mixed”). It remains to recall that when recruiting, first of all, the professional qualities of the applicant are taken into account. Of course, pay attention to the ability to work in a team, to adapt in the team, non-conflict character, but “good man” is not a profession.


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