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How to withstand a competitive struggle?

The good and the harm of competition can be discussed for a long time. However, the fact remains that the fact that it is one way or another is a struggle that entails a number of psychological problems.

About how not only to survive in this struggle, but also to defeat, says Sinkin Eugene, a practicing psychologist.

To begin with, let’s decide what competition is. If we consider the definition, then we will see that in many cases it is equated with the competition, that is, between the two words can be conditional equality. And now, when an unfamiliar, frightening word has become a well-known term, we will talk about how to stand up in a competitive struggle.

First of all, you need to get rid of fear – this is the most important thing. The person who is afraid may not be adequate, to show good results. It’s best to treat the competition as a game or competition – then instead of fear, there will be excitement that will allow you to focus first of all at work, not on personal experiences.

Secondly, it is necessary to define clearly for themselves, what resources will be needed for struggle and what the result will be. Then correlate the costs of forces and energy with this result. If they are equal or the result exceeds the cost, then in such a case you should fight, if not – it is better to abandon it. After all, it often seems that competition can not be avoided – and in reality, often, workers themselves push themselves into the rigid frames of the struggle where it would not be possible to do this. In fact, because nobody makes you necessarily be the first – work for yourself in your pleasure, and for the prize, let those who need it beat. If you feel uncomfortable, when you constantly need to take the heights set by someone, simply imagine a bar, which you would like to strive for, and do everything in your power to achieve it. Believe, your diligence and zeal will be noticed even in this case.

Third, think less about what your colleagues do to get around you. Of course, you need to analyze their results. However, such a need should not occur more often than once every few weeks or months. All the rest of the time will devote to your work, your duties and to perform them as clearly and professionally as possible. If you look around the time all the time, then miss a lot of useful time for which you could do a lot of work and become leaders. Therefore, competition is a competition, but it is desirable not to forget about the work.

Fourth, engage in the support of family and friends. The psychological factor is very important, remember that playing sports in your stadium is somewhat easier than playing at someone else’s expense by supporting their fans. So in the work – try to have you have people who would support even in case of failure, with understanding would relate to your experiences. This may be someone from a family member or friend. However, there is a danger – either by inertia move the work competition into personal life, or completely get dirty into it at home. Therefore, limit the time during which you talk about work or work at home – for example, up to half an hour. This, on the one hand, will allow you to completely get out, and on the other, do not focus on this.

Fifth, try to make friends with colleagues. Yes, under the condition of a competitive struggle, it may be difficult to establish friendly relations, but to make it necessary. At least in order not to feel lonely at work. Or to whom should I turn for help and professional advice. In general, in any team, relationships with colleagues need to be maintained at the appropriate friendly level in order not to experience psychological discomfort. It is much more pleasant to see friends, not enemies, around them.

And, finally, the last one – play honestly. No backstage intrigues or wrecking. Even if once you succeed in escaping into leaders, this does not mean that others do not know about your deed. The rumors will go away, and the attitude to you may change. And intrigues will already be weaved against you. Not to mention that you can no longer count on a friendly shoulder and the help of colleagues. Respect yourself, do not do what you would not want to see in relation to yourself. Also, do not forget that honestly winning rivals are always respected.

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