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About presentations and gifts
Bribe is considered a costly gift, handed over before or after the service of a particular person using the official position. Gifts are the very thing we are looking for…

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Your requirements for a new job
To make your dreams come true, first of all think that you are ready to offer employers. People with a solid professional experience have no difficulty answering the question: "What…

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How to effectively use job vacancies when looking for a job?

Do not think that Job vacancies is a waste of time! On the contrary, it is a unique opportunity to find new acquaintances and advance on a career ladder.

Firstly, it is a direct contact with the personnel managers working on the stands of the companies of the participants. In an individual conversation with them, you can get answers to all the questions you are interested in. But most importantly – communicating with the HR manager can actually become your first interview in this company. And now imagine – in the fairs usually involve from 10 to 70 companies. So, in one day you can meet on a “mini interview” with representatives of interesting companies for you. This is a unique opportunity!

Secondly, this is a “long-playing” way of finding a job, and therefore it can be called strategic. Many companies participate in the Fairs not only in order to close hot vacancies, but also solve the problem of forming a database of their organization’s personnel reserve. Very often, job offers begin to arrive after a considerable time after the Fair, when new free positions appear in the company, and staff members refer to the database that was previously formed.

Third, it is an opportunity to study the labor market as “in practice”, and not in theory. Usually, at the fairs, companies from different fields of activity are represented. By analyzing their proposals, you shape your ideas about different sectors of the market, compare your salary expectations with real offers, find out not only about open vacancies, but also about specialized programs of recruitment of young specialists, internships, and practices. Also, fairs usually host employment seminars, trainings or business games from employers. This is a great opportunity to raise your level of knowledge of the labor market to feel more confident when looking for work.

What recommendations can you give to the vacancies fair? Prepare for the Fair in advance: see the list of participating companies on the website. Print out a sufficient number of copies of the resume. Prepare tailor-made summaries for companies of particular interest to you, for the rest – a general plan. Specify the program of the Fair and allocate priorities for yourself: very often the information seminars and presentations are crossed over time. And many trainings are pre-recorded.

During the Fair:

Listen to company presentations. You can learn about their activities unexpectedly a lot new. It will also allow you, when communicating personally with the company representative, to use precious time to clarify important details, rather than obtaining general information.

For managers with whom you have successfully communicated, take the data for feedback. In the future, this will allow you to make a call to the company.

Pay attention not only to the companies that fit your profile. If employers come to the Job Fair, especially the specialized Fair, they have open positions for professionals of different profiles. And for many employers, the basic education of applicants is not at all fundamental. And this applies not only to organizations offering temporary work but also to companies that plan for the career development of their employees, who primarily focus on the personal qualities of candidates and their potential.

Pay attention to the university vacancies fairs: often they are specialized depending on the profile of the university. And more often, they are open to students and graduates of other educational institutions.

How to find out where and when vacancies fairs are held? As a rule, the organizers of the Fair announce about them in a month and a half before the date of the event. Information is published in print media and on job placement sites. About 2-3 weeks prior to the Fair, information posters and invitation cards at higher educational institutions appear. Be careful and active! And you will not miss important Yarmakes for yourself!

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Do not think that Job vacancies is a waste of time! On the contrary, it is a unique opportunity to find new acquaintances and advance on a career ladder. First…