How are the right decisions taken and what does it mean to own information?
Increasingly, in the descriptions of requirements for candidates for vacant positions, one can see a point like "the ability to work with large volumes of information." Moreover, such a requirement…

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Rapid career in a crisis
At eight years he carried papers, and at sixteen he went to the front of the chauffeur of a sanitary machine. When he was 28, the Great Depression began and…

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The word is not a sparrow ...
Occasionally, you see a man, and involuntarily slips away admiration - how he is dressed, how well he looks and looks good. And then this man opens his mouth -…

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Professions that love deceivers

Schemes of action fraudsters from employment, as a rule, are of the same type. Prominers are announcing open vacancies in specialized editions to lure trusted applicants. But often, at first glance, you can determine what you are trying to deceive. Here are the main signs that you can guess against unscrupulous employers.

By ad First, the value promised in the declaration of wages exceeds the average in the industry, and sometimes it is generally unlikely high. It is a bet on that, because many people very much want to believe that a miracle will happen and they will not be lucky enough. Secondly, the requirements for candidates for a vacancy are very vague. Usually there are no restrictions at all: a broad age “fork” is indicated, special education and work experience are not required. Thirdly, about the company itself, as well as about the future responsibilities of the specialist is reported at a minimum, often not indicated the name of the post, or even the field of activity.
According to the manner of telephone conversation. Scammers prefer to minimize conversations over the phone, stained with common phrases. They promise to provide the detailed information in an interview, to which everyone is invited, without any request to send a resume and any preliminary selection.
At an interview. Often interviews are held in mass order, people go by stream, or candidates are invited to a general “lecture”. And then it turns out the main thing: to get a job, you need to make any prepayment. For training, overalls, consumables, goods for further sale, opening a salary account in a bank, the actual provision of work, etc.

Who do scammers like?

In principle, anyone may fall under the charm of scammers. From this does not even insure a serious experienced expert. But unscrupulous employers also have special preferences …

Administrative vacancies, personnel services
Here, scammers can be hit by secretaries, administrators, office managers, staff managers. Promised salaries are heavily overestimated. Let’s say: a person with a higher education, a high level of knowledge of a foreign language, and an experience of work could apply for the specified salary. But in the announcement, this is not required, and in the interview it turns out that the proposal has little to do with administrative work. Most often, this is an invitation to network marketing, and you are required to pay for the product that you are going to sell.
What to do Do not cling to the high salaries, and go away immediately after hearing a proposal to pay for employment.

Drivers, unlaborators, packers, loaders, guards
Recently, there have been firms that call themselves employment agencies. In advertisements it is not negotiated, and during a telephone conversation fraudsters claim that they are direct employers. In fact, the competitor is offered to pay from 200 to 700 rubles for the list of employers in different regions of Moscow. This list is made up of advertisements made available in all editions. And the “agency” does not bear any responsibility if the vacancies are libido or the candidate will be denied.
There are other deceptions. For example, applicants are asked to pay for a bank card, which allegedly will be charged a salary, or for overalls. After that the employer “forgets” about the newcomer, or promises that the official duties can be started “in a week or two.”
What to do Make sure that you are dealing with a direct employer – a company engaged in a particular field of activity (production, trade, etc.). If it comes to prepayment, go straight away without hoping for a miracle.

Couriers like to “embarrass” firms that distribute non-commodity goods. Everyone was sure to meet young people trying to get into the enterprises and offices to offer book staff, tickets to the unknown theater, cosmetics, small household appliances, etc. This is the so-called “couriers” who agreed to the proposed work. In fact, such an occupation has nothing to do with courier activities. After all, it involves the delivery of documents, correspondence, ordered goods, and not sales.
It is difficult to distinguish between the ad text of the deceivers. However, it should be borne in mind that a solid company necessarily indicates its name or at least the scope of activity. Also, in most cases, couriers receive a regular salary, often they are paid for travel and a mobile phone, and fraudsters promise daily payment, and not small – from 1200 rubles a day.
What to do Find out in which sphere the company is busy and what is the responsibility of the courier. If you do not plan to engage in sales, and want to become a “classic” courier, do not let yourself be carried away by the promise of fabulous earnings.

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