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How to become a marketing specialist
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Effective email correspondence

In order to be more effective in communicating through email, we suggest using the following tips:

Before writing something, think carefully about the text of the letter. An electronic message should be clear and understandable, and most importantly, not overloaded with unnecessary information. Remember that the speed that the Internet gives us in sending information is not the main thing. It is always more important than the content itself and the ability to appreciate someone else’s time.

Give report to what you write and in what form. Remember that you can only deny words, but not information recorded in one form or another. For this reason, be “politically correct” in relation to the person you are writing, so that you do not feel sorry for it.

If you send an application by e-mail, be sure to inform the addressee by a brief cover letter. It is not necessary to forward the files in the applications without any brief information about the application itself, because such a letter can very often be perceived as spam or an attachment with viruses.

Always indicate the subject of the message. Do not send e-mails without topics. First, such emails are very easy to read through when checking mail, and secondly, they can most often be perceived as spam.

Do not report anyone via e-mail, as it is considered that such a method further exacerbates the situation (even more control over the people being reported is lost).

Never write all the e-mails in uppercase letters. Remember that your desire to attach importance to the whole message at once, with emphasis on all the larger letters, is unwarranted. In this case, you “the interlocutor” risks and does not understand the most important.

Be sure to check your messages for errors! Remember that illiteracy also helps to create your image. The worse it is, the less effective your email will be. It would be desirable to reply to letters with errors.

Remember that email correspondence is periodically reviewed by management at many enterprises. For this reason, you should not write on personal topics, if you do not want to blush before the management, when you will be asked questions on the topic of personal correspondence in the workplace.

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