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Manage your interlocutor by phone

Absolutely different things can happen after unsuccessful telephone conversations with the secretary-referent. You risk not only proclaiming incompetent, but also getting a lot of negative characteristics, such as “sternoises”, “mummies”, etc., etc., etc. As practice has shown, during the period of professional adaptation, it is the work on telephone service and poses a number of serious problems.

The beginning of the working day is already a phone call. The consciousness woke up, the body woke up. But not always with him wakes up a voice. And at the end of the wire you can not see either your carefully designed toilet, or the perfect makeup, only a voice becomes a working instrument. He and he leads. Sluggish, inexpressive, breathless, with hoarse prepositions – all this gives you a bad service.

Make a small articulation gymnastics in the morning before the day’s work, and it will give an emotional charge. Articulation charge can be repeated during the day, naturally, alone. Now the following rule, which you follow not only in the morning, but also throughout the day, again the result will be double. When talking on the phone, hold the muscles of the abdomen and the buttocks tightened, strain them, and not “spread out” in a comfortable office chair. Your voice will gain support, not “go to the stomach”. At the end of the day, you will not feel pain from the tension of the vocal cords, the voice will remain energetic and audible. The main condition for success is training, constant, daily, persistent.

“Speak so that I may see you”
So the ancient speakers taught their students. It is equally useful to follow this recommendation now.

So the phone is ringing. The office is not a house. Here you can not do without faces “Allo”, “Yes …”. It is best to immediately name the firm, and make the shortest version: “Firm” … “listens. Hello! “However, with this short phrase, remember that this is already a presentation of your firm and your professional self-presentation. Be sure to smile at this, no matter what you do not see. The phone will transmit all shades. A smile will give your voice benevolence and readiness for communication. Manage your voice, giving it different shades. Of course, a sincere interest. Greeting “Hello” is a wish of health, not a phrasing. If in the first part of the phrase, when you call the firm, should be clear and energetic, then “hello” must be pronounced with a tinge of softness and warmth.

“Before the beauty of the voice, – you will say, when the client calls and” pours “on your poor head the flow is by no means compliments.” And here the answer is affirmative. Until the beauty! Plus, patience, kindness and emotional exertion.

The supervisor needs to convey information about who has called in his absence. Asked if your supervisor is there, ask your counter-question: “Whoever asks him, imagine please!” And only then will you report the time of your boss’s appearance, and if you are not sure of his discipline, suggest leaving a phone number, by which you can call back. Asking if you can help someone with whom the client could discuss his problem. At the same time, all the same courtesy, kindness, and stinginess.

“The customer is always right”. Always?
The fact that the client is right is a well-known doctrine, but you will agree, not in all situations. Right, you apologize. Do not be afraid to apologize if you feel guilty. First, it will disarm the client, and secondly, it will respect him. In fact, only confident and mature people can apologize. But in any case, even during a conflict situation, when a client “crashes” a stream of complaints about the work of the firm or your colleagues, you must remain calm and confident.

Is it easy? Of course not. But you owe it also to the “explosion” in this situation to control an aggressive interlocutor, and not you. Learn to manage your interlocutor. Assume that for all your loyalty and love to the firm, you are still criticized not for yourself. First of all, it is necessary to help the interlocutor to reduce his internal tension.

So the rule is the first. Give your partner the “release steam”. Listen to it without rejecting “from the threshold”, using speech support, otherwise the voltage will intensify at the end of the wire, there will be concern, whether it is listening at all: – yes … it’s clear; – I listen to you …; – I understand you …; – yes … yes … of course and so on.

Most people, when they are crying or accused, are also shouting in response or trying to yield, silence, to quell the anger of another. Both of these positions are ineffective.

Put yourself in the position of a teacher who knows better than a student, and thus automatically raises your status, you will still be in the conversation with the leading party: give way in small, win the main.

During an angry monologue, try to understand the essence of the claim, it is best to write down. Do not be afraid, even if the client is wrong, agree with him: – I understand you perfectly …; – in your place I would be annoyed, indignant …; – you are, of course, right …

Take the moment if the customer does not immediately arrive and ask e

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