How to improve the efficiency of work?
There are simple 20 rules, the observance of which will help to work more efficiently: I see the goal - I do not see the obstacles ... Many people often…

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Rules of Leadership
The current business world requires you to report in every action. Open your ears for feedback and answer all your questions, no matter how unpleasant it may seem to you.…

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About presentations and gifts
Bribe is considered a costly gift, handed over before or after the service of a particular person using the official position. Gifts are the very thing we are looking for…

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TOP-10 of the funniest stupidity of employment

Here’s how they think their top 10 “stupid” looks:

So the applicant claimed that …

“… we must necessarily hire him because he has an allergy to the lack of work.”
“… we must necessarily hire him because he can greatly improve the results of our corporate softball team” (a type of baseball – ed.)
“… we must necessarily hire him because he has” almost taken “him three times and he feels that this time he must finally be lucky”
“… we must necessarily hire it because our company has a very good social package, but just this year, he plans to hurt a lot and absent from work”
“… we must necessarily hire him because he has already released a press release stating that we hired him”
“… we must necessarily hire him, because although he still has no experience in such a post, but his friend already has”
“… we must necessarily hire him because he sent us his resume in the form of a rap song”
“… we must necessarily hire her because she just needs this kind of work, since she is terribly tired of working with people.” Sometimes the seekers not only say superfluous, but they allow other mistakes. Experts Accountemps the worst called the following …
“… the competitor brought with him an interview with his mother, who was all talking for him”
“… when our company moved to Texas, came to an interview with a huge cowboy hat.”
But the American company Harris Interactive has asked 3 thousand personnel to recall the most silly actions of applicants for an interview. And then, from the thousands of answers, the top 10 “slaps” were selected.

the applicant asked the employer to leave the office to answer a personal telephone call;
demanded the employer to bring him home after the interview;
sniffed his armpits along the way to the negotiation;
shared that he was fired from his last job because he beat the boss;
let down the water in the toilet during a telephone conversation with the employer;
refused to offer a snack, motivating it by the fact that he is planning to drunk today;
was brushed during the interview;
claiming to be an accountant stated that he was more interested in working with people, and not with figures;
argued that he could not provide samples of work, since he worked for the CIA;
has reported that he can not work for a long time, because his uncle is dead, and he is preparing to receive an inheritance.
Of the other common mistakes, HR managers noted the wrong case of clothes, negative feedback on previous employers, indifference to the prospective post, arrogant behavior, evasive responses and the absence of normal counter-questions.

And on a snack, a collection of “slaps” from the summary and questionnaires of our home-grown candidates:

Personal qualities:
– no personal relationships in the workplace;
– To the property of the customer I treat as to my own;
– in relation to employees – demanding, with clients flexible;
– in my spare time I am thoughtfully reading: the Russian legislation, statistical, analytical materials on real estate, on BN I spend my independent analysis, and on leisure specialized psychological literature.
Additionally about yourself: Quickly learn, self-sufficient. Hobbies: sports tourism, simulation, radio electronics. I am raising a cat.
Wholesale of tobacco products.
Responsibilities: Bank, cashier, primary documents, accounts with accountable pizzas.
Possible position: assistant manager, administrator, economist, manager of possible use of English and Japanese languages.
Position: Wholesale Customer Network Sales Manager + Regional Manager.
Position: freight forwarder. Responsibilities: different.
Hobbies: Aquarium fish, fishing, beautiful women.
Position: Manager with VIP-clients.
Leisure time: There is no free time.
There are skills in fighting survival and survival in extreme situations.
In trade, 25 years old, sociable, without a family and bad habits.
Since the company’s staff was very small, I embodied the entire sales department in my face and not only.
I set my own candidate degree myself. I send my resume (in Russian and English) for your consideration. I am ready and agree to move to Russia.
Communicativeness with all types of employees.
Hobbies: Sewing, embroidery, sports, I am ill for Zenit.

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