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Where is my 17 years old? Why age matters

A small study of websites and newspapers helping to find employees or work showed that 90% of all advertisements could serve as grounds for accusations of discrimination on the basis of age. The attitude towards age in Ukraine and civilized countries differs dramatically. For Western companies it is normal to employ a specialist at the age of 50 and even 60 years. This is problematic in our country. The attitude to the age of employees in our country is similar to the situation in some Asian firms, where subordinates can not be senior manager.

New thinking
In most cases employers do not motivate age restrictions. True reasons can only be guessed.

People living in two epochs are internally tied to Soviet times, and are not always ready to work in a company that is leading a business in line with world standards of capitalist markets and rigidly geared to financial indicators. Thus, age indirectly affects the possibilities of employment of a person and significantly reduces the number of companies in which he could work. Examples include the replacement of the positions of the director of a large plant (the customer’s requirement is not older than 50 years, but preferably younger candidates), the head of the oil company, as well as the general director of the petrochemical holding (not older than 45). Motivation of customers is the same – people with a new mentality are needed.

Unlike western companies, ours will soon take “too young” (according to international standards) CEO, than “too old”. This may affect the quality of management, because some management skills are acquired only with age. As a result, many modern young managers, if they wish to ascend to higher management positions, forget that they should be managed first and foremost by people, and only then by processes and financial flows.
Another duty motive of the employer, who introduces the age requirement, is that an elderly person will not be able to fit into the formed team of young managers.

Women’s question
Most counselors believe that age restrictions are even more pronounced if candidates are women. Only in some cases, due to the specifics of a position, a man is necessarily required (for example, frequent business trips to the regions are assumed). Increasingly male candidates are given absolutely unwarranted preference, and often independently of the age of a female candidate.
Employers have their own motives. Some believe that a woman “in age” will not be able to manage the young men’s team, others – that women after forty less energetic and ambitious. There are, of course, exceptions: cases when a client wants to hire an employee who has all family problems in the past, and insists on the candidacy of a woman not younger than 45 years old and necessarily with children who have already graduated from school.
The heads of large companies, in one voice, state the question of age criteria: we do not have one. “We do not have a fixed age standard for managers,” says Aleksey Molchanov, Administrative Director of the “Lebedyansky” ECZ. – In practice, the average age of key managers of the central office is 32 years. ” In Vimpelcom, for example, it was reported that there is no age requirement as such in the company, but “as a standard we consider candidates not older than 45 years.”

From age discrimination, nobody is insured. The reason is not only in the mentality of the older generation, but also in stereotypes of employers. Nevertheless, the situation will change in the near future. Experts say that the domestic market is growing short of top and middle managers and that age in this regard becomes a secondary criterion.

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