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Its among its

We often hear how important it is to create a positive image. But very little is known about how to do it. Yes – general recommendations. Meanwhile, we do not even think about some ordinary but important components of it …

The image is the image of the person as a whole; the way he looks in the eyes of other people. Strictly speaking, it is a representation of people around the external and internal appearance of a person. At the same time creating an image – it does not mean to impress, because the impression is an instant reaction, and the image is a settled and established opinion. Properly constructed image is the key to success – both personal and professional.

Some mistakenly believe that the image is only the outer side of the medal. Even a wonderful specialist, dressed in the latest fashion trends, may not have a positive image, since the latter includes such an important component as the inner world of man and his relationship with others. Knowledge and use of the principles of business communication provides the greatest success in difficult work to create their own image.

If you do not communicate with colleagues, do not help them in difficult situations, in the first case try to expose colleagues not in the best light to the leader in order to raise oneself in his eyes – you will never create a professional image with a capital letter. Yes, you may be considered with you as an expert in your business, but cooperation with you will not delight. And this is a clearly losing position. Because it is very often the responsibility of the leadership to maintain a united and united team than to tolerate the “star” whims. Therefore, professionalism and positive image also include human qualities (responsiveness, kindness, sincerity in intentions).

Do not forget that each person is a unique creature with its weak and strong sides that you can use skillfully while creating a positive image. For example, if a conversation is conducted with the apparent consideration of the interlocutor’s interests, it will cause him to have positive emotions and make him make some concessions. Referring to people around by name can also have a positive effect, because, as you know, there is no better sound than a sound for a person.

In general, in order to create a positive image among colleagues, it is necessary:

– if possible, reduce the social distance in relations with colleagues. To do this, it is necessary to greet the interlocutor with a smile, kindly look and strong handshake, addressing him by name or name and patronymic;
– During discussions and, most importantly, conflict situations not to insist on their own, but constantly express a desire to understand the interlocutor;
– not be afraid to openly recognize the merits and business qualities of the interlocutor, if any. If they do not, then do not focus on this attention, but look for something that can be positively reciprocated;
– To behave confidently, calmly and kindly, but without unnecessary concessions. Be correct and delicate if you are forced to refuse assistance or must make a decision that will certainly meet the disagreement of the team;
– to support colleagues in case of serious life situations;
– Listen carefully, not “make a look”;
– to listen to the opinion and advice of colleagues, not to accept attempts to help as a critic in your address.
Moreover, from time to time it is useful to independently address older and more experienced colleagues for advice, while silently acknowledging their authority and professionalism.

These simple rules will help create a positive image. They will create respect not only for others, but also for themselves. This is a very important point: after all, only a person who respects himself can rely on respect for others.

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