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Career crisis: what to do?

The career crisis comes when your career aspirations do not inspire you more, do not meet your needs, do not fill the life of the goal. The goals that you have been striving for so many years ago five years ago were melting like last year’s snow. Do you understand or not that unhappy, but alas, your vital values ​​and dreams have melted into the dust of everyday worries.

This can happen gradually or unexpectedly
Sometimes the crisis occurs in one day. Maybe you did not get the boost you were hoping for, maybe you were hit by the death of your loved one, or maybe you just fell in love. It happens that the policy of your company has changed and it seems to you that your work has become less important. Global events can affect your life priorities and lead to a career crisis.

Sometimes you gradually reach this state, and those goals that seemed important to you soon lose their intimate meaning. You understand that the plans for life, formed at an early age, absolutely do not correspond to the aspirations of a mature person.

Signs of a career crisis
You do not like your colleagues or boss, although they found them pretty cute before
You absolutely do not want to get up and go every day to work
You are bored, you are scattered, there are no incentives, everything starts to get angry and annoy you
It seems to you that you are torn between two lives
You see that everyone around is okay and you are so unhappy
You have no strength at all, and you do not need anyone and you do not have to deal with anyone
You can not take serious vital decisions by asking advice from everyone and everyone
You are always sad about the decisions made in the past
You are angry at people who, as you think, are in the current situation
Do not ignore your feelings
If it’s bad for you, if it seems to you that a career crisis has come, then most likely it’s the way it is, and you do not have to try to hide from it even further. The longer you will continue to live this life, the worse for you. Understand yourself and solve the problem.

From where to start
To begin with, dig into yourself and your feelings. Think of what has brought you to such a life, when and how it happened. Think about whether you can improve the situation by working in the current company, or you better change the team, atmosphere, activity. Ask yourself WHY you want, what is the purpose of your life, what is important to you and what your values ​​are today.

No You need not just to take a pencil and paper, and to paint everything by items – you need a serious analysis, which will take weeks or even months. Some people stuck so deeply in the crisis that they find no strength at all for a decisive action – be it promotion or transition to another company. Sometimes you need to be able to look at your life from the outside to see what the root of the problem is.

What prevents us from moving?
As a rule, a sense of responsibility towards the family and the fear of appearing to someone’s eyes a weak person. Yes, almost every one of us has someone who depends on us and our salary. It can be parents, children, companions of life. And many cling to these excuses, stopping themselves from decisive action. “I do not have the right to quit everything – on my shoulders are elderly parents.” “I can not afford to leave this place. What do the children think about their father? “” Let’s suppose I’ll leave this work, trying to find happiness somewhere else. ” But suddenly I will not succeed? I do not want to look in the eyes of my own losers. ” All these excuses prevent us from seriously addressing the issue.

Putting blame for their position on someone is even worse. You begin to regret yourself, taking away excessive joy and strength. As a result, it seems to you that you are the most unfortunate person in the world and nothing will help you anymore. “Ah, if my parents did not force me to go to the medical facility, now I would be a prosperous lawyer. It’s all they are guilty of “- this is the psychology of such thinking. I’ll have to disappoint you. You are an adult and you are responsible for your life. Yes, perhaps your parents made you do something unloved, but it was a long time ago. You have grown up, have taken place, you can realize your true desires and find the power to change everything. Indeed, you can start with a small one. But if you do nothing to fulfill your true dreams, you and you alone are to blame for it.

And remember, your family wants to see you happy. If work does not bring joy to you, this will affect your family and loved ones. They will feel that life is not a joy to you, although perhaps you do not even say anything to them, do not complain. Your holy duty is to resolve the career crisis and live according to your true desires. All of this will only benefit, and the family will definitely understand and support you.

Do not hide your head in the sand, closing it off of possible exit paths
As they say, a known trouble is better than expected uncertainty. In other words, we may not like our work, but we know it, we are used to it and just afraid to change anything. This fear is yours

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