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How to evaluate whether you have a good job with 6 criteria?

People of all ages, occupying any position in companies, men and women with scanty or gigantic incomes – always ask themselves whether they chose the right place.

Such doubts can be pursued by yesterday’s graduate and specialist of pre-retirement age. How to evaluate what you do? Let’s try to choose the best criteria.

1. Is this a job or a career?

Work is what we do for the sole purpose of obtaining money for life. Her loss is the only problem – the lack of finance. Career is what develops a person as a professional, which offers him prospects for growth in the organization and in the market. Work can be useful in student time, when the only purpose is to receive money for trips to nightclubs. But thinking about his future specialist should choose a career path. Only then will he be able to take off to the top of the organization.

2. Do you experience passion?

The biggest lucky ones turn their own hobby into work. However, it is difficult to assume that someone from childhood is interested in the analysis of insurance risks or investment banking. But even in these areas there are professionals who are passionate about what they are doing. Does such a fire burn in your soul? Indifference rarely becomes the companion of a successful person.

3. Are you proud of what you are doing?

Would you have been doing your job if all the city papers wrote about each of your actions? What feelings do you feel when the interlocutor asks, “and what do you do?” In order to develop pride for your own work, you need to imagine those people who make life easier and more enjoyable for you. Maybe it will be difficult to make a traffic police officer or tax inspector – but you can definitely try!

4. How will this work affect the resume?

What will a person read about mentioning your occupation in a resume? Does such a job speak about the ability to develop, to keep yourself in the hands of stress, to interact successfully with others, to ethics or other positive qualities? Or does this line simply indicate that at that time you have not been taken anywhere else?

5. What opportunities to develop a network of contacts give you work?

One of the main values ​​of the specialist was and remains the established links with those who may turn out to be useful. Does your company glorify the fact that the managers who left it become the leaders of other firms? Do you often go on business trips and visit places where you can get acquainted with recognized authorities in business? How many new business cards do you have per week? All this can be used after leaving the current work.

6. What are the alternatives?

There is no point in scolding something if you can not offer a better replacement. On which companies can you change the one you are cooperating with now? Or maybe you should think about starting a business? After all, at times, even sporting knowledge becomes enough to open their own business. Always think about spare aerodromes.

Succeeding for you to ascend to the snowy peaks of professional success!

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