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How to become an attractive destination for headhunters

Becoming an object for those who are looking for the most-sought-after professionals in the labor market is a dream of many. What needs to be done to become the coveted prey for the bounty hunter?

Even if you are not going to change work, the invitation to a meeting received from such a “hunter” is flattering as well as useful: you can get interesting information about staff shortages, evaluate your prospects, take a fresh look at the development of your career. What should I do to attract the attention of the consultant-headhunter? There are many worthy professionals working on solid positions, but not all of them fall into the sight of those who select the best for the most prestigious employers.

Your professional biography is the best advertisement
This is really a great advertisement for Headhunter, and for the employer. The competence of the candidate is assessed by the name of the company in which he works. Its prominence in the market and high achievements is the best indicator of the fact that in such an organization professionals work, and not casual people.
Conclusion: The “track record” of someone who wants to be interested in “bounty hunters” should contain the names of well-known companies.
Checklist question. Look at your workbook. What famous companies are mentioned there? On what posts did you work in them? Is there progress in career growth?

Well built communication with meaningful people
Personal recommendations are very important, especially for those who work in a not-so-famous company. Good words to such a candidate from well-established professionals in the business world are the way to get into the headhunter’s “card index”. Therefore, even the most respected and skilled top managers often use this way to attract the attention of consultants to search for staff to their person.

Checklist question. Are there any known top managers or expert experts at the moment who can give you great recommendations?

Publicity, thought-out PR in professional circles

Articles in the press, speeches at specialized conferences, workshops on thematic exhibitions all contribute to the attention of the bounty hunters, but only if the quality of such “publicity” is at a height. Therefore, it is not recommended to “glow” in publications with bad reputation and to participate in occasional events, as this may damage the image of the candidate.

Checklist question. How many printed articles do you have? How often do you appear at specialized thematic exhibitions, forums, conferences?

Practical advice from professionals
Be ready at any moment to present yourself well, convincingly tell about all your professional and personal achievements, plans for the moment, desirable prospects for the future.
Know your weaknesses. This is also a matter of interest to headhunters. Try even these parties to serve in a winning light.
A worthwhile resume will reduce the search for a good job. There are certain patterns, but this kind of standard submission of information sometimes can be detrimental to being noticed. Look for non-standard approaches.
In search of a new job, be active, but not reckless. Calls, letters, meetings will shorten this path, but your activity should be metered.
Consultants should feel that you are interested in employers and … themselves consultants. If you show the headhunter that you will always be provided with a job, it may lose interest to you. Why then should he spend his efforts?
Consultants believe: sending a resume without a request can talk about the initial stage in the career of a specialist. Those who know the price in such cases do not send the resume.
Note that many solid companies that provide leadership and staffing services have specialization.
Go for an interview. One meeting with a consultant can change your career for the better.
Comments by Alla Konyaeva, manager of psychological service “Ankor SV”, Executive Search company:

“How to get into the field of view of the headhunter? It is necessary to expand the question: “How to get into the field of view of the consultant-recruiter?” Because in order to become the target subject of hunting headhunter, it is necessary that the client ordered the recruitment of you. This is possible with the simultaneous presence of three conditions:

1) you have to do something extraordinary, to commit, so to speak, a personally branded labor feat, and the society must recognize your personal involvement in this success,
2) the customer must personally know about your connection with this achievement;
3) the customer needs to be updated with the need for a similar labor contract.

It is clear that the presence of all three conditions is the case of the case. To increase the likelihood, it is better to focus their behavior not on headhunting, but on a recruiting search in view of the greater statistical probability that it will be productive.

What should I do? Continually improve on four most important areas:

to raise the level of professional competence

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