Procedures for reducing staff and paying benefits
By foreseeing significant financial expenses for the weekend, Russian businessmen have submitted to the State Duma a proposal to limit their size to only the amount of a fixed allowance,…

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Increasingly, in the descriptions of requirements for candidates for vacant positions, one can see a point like "the ability to work with large volumes of information." Moreover, such a requirement…

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How to improve the efficiency of work?
There are simple 20 rules, the observance of which will help to work more efficiently: I see the goal - I do not see the obstacles ... Many people often…

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Rules of Leadership

The current business world requires you to report in every action. Open your ears for feedback and answer all your questions, no matter how unpleasant it may seem to you. The leader responds to clients, investors, shareholders, authorities – but above all to his followers, his team. The leader is not a post, not a sign of the zodiac, to which the horoscope prescribed success, this work is for yourself. As a captain of the ship, you set up a course and are responsible for following him – even more in a storm than in normal weather. Therefore, instead of wiping off the questions you are asking, develop systems and processes that increase transparency and contribute to your reporting.

Return to reality
You are a leader. Let’s say you have a good post, work in Kiev, a convenient office with windows for a wonderful landscape … and a complete loss of connection with reality. Or – the mass of organizational work, reports, meetings … and also absolute loss of connection with reality. You already vaguely imagine what, in fact, occurs at the lower levels of the hierarchy of your business – exactly where your products are produced, innovations appear and real sales are made. It’s time to descend from heaven to earth and get into all the intricacies – maybe even work for yourself in the field, as the leaders of fast food corporations do. Your business now needs not patriotic guidance and a wise look from above, but your direct involvement in finding new ways to succeed.

Include emotions
You have not forgot the price of the words of Maria Antoinette “If they do not have bread, let them eat cakes”? People – both employees and clients – are increasingly perceived by leaders as faceless resources, not as personalities. But each of the members of your team and your customers is a person with his own emotions and fears about the future. As a leader, you need to feel their experiences – and find the right decisions for each case. It’s not enough just to come to the staff and say: “We need to work better, we need to raise sales, and you are also directly interested in it!” You will have to feel the real pain points of each worker and client and help them find the best individual solutions to their problems. Meet people personally, and they will be happy to tell you all. The relationship between meetings with customers and conversations with subordinates depends on the specifics of your business. And what to do with their questions, you already know.

Look for a rainbow
Everyone is now contemplating a thunderstorm, roaring over the world economy. But you are a leader and, therefore, your mission is to look for glimpses of light and to foresee where the rainbow shines. That is – look for and anticipate opportunities for a powerful breakthrough of your business to prosperity and prosperity. The more you succeed in distinguishing at least the slightest hint of opportunity, the more success you can achieve.

Go from “I” to “we”

Cooperation and teamwork are more important than ever. Strengthen team spirit, encourage your people to work together with each other and with other divisions, eradicate the division into “us and them” within the company, help with joint projects, unite – but not with the help of “teambuilding” and “corporate drinkers”, but in the real work Look for partners from customers, suppliers, yesterday’s competitors – not forgetting that cooperation should be mutually beneficial. Do not get close to the “ivory tower”, get involved in working together. Recognize team achievements without attributing them to yourself. You see, all this is useful not only for business, but also for you personally.

Maintain maneuverability
The world, which is already unpredictable and ever-changing, is even less stable today than you would like. Keep your eyes and ears open, be rumored to the slightest changes, anticipate the development of events, advance. Be ready and able at any moment to beat everything, to change any, the most wonderful plan. Encourage marketing – research and innovation will help you keep track of your pulse and achieve your goals, in spite of changing circumstances. Moreover, not contrary to it, but thanks to these same circumstances.

Be easier
Today everyone is afraid of complex products, incomprehensible conditions, confusing processes and tricky pages with small print in contracts. Yesterday, the difficulty was in fashion, and the possibilities “to catch a fish in muddy water” looked tempting. Now you need an entirely different one – simplify (without loss of quality), increase transparency and clarity. This is beneficial because it not only attracts customers, but also allows you to spend money effectively within the company.

Ask questions right
Leadership today is not the ability to answer any question, but art is right to ask the right questions. Be open to other people’s ideas, use the intellectual potential of others, take into account all factors. Of course, the decision to take you, but not necessarily painfully think through all the most likely variants of the development of events and look for all the answers alone. Surrounding can tell you something you never have before

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