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Rules of Leadership
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Finding a mentor is the key to a career during a crisis

In order to gain momentum in the work of young workers who realized that it would be difficult to find a new job now, they should find a way of unobtrusive communication with senior executives and start actively looking for mentors.

The representatives of the new generation (born after 1978) were earlier ready to change their work only because of the lack of a serious relationship with their company or because the boss did not have time to take them for something. Now they have a serious incentive to stay in their places: the labor market is rapidly decreasing. Employment experts point out that fewer young professionals are ready to quickly change their work only because of insufficient attention to their people.

Most young professionals have never planned to remain in their first job for more than two years.

Young workers who have realized that it will be difficult to find a new job now have to adapt to the new reality and stay in one place seriously and for a long time. In order to consolidate their work, they should find a way of unobtrusive communication with senior executives and begin to actively seek out mentors. As opportunities are not so much now, mentoring can become a strategic road for the development of one’s own career.

So how can an energetic young professional learn to communicate with executives who are overwhelmed by work and are constantly in a state of stress, and also suffer from a shortage of employees caused by everyday cuts? It is best to start by exploring the resources already provided by the employer. Most employees are surprised to find that their companies have programs for mentoring that they did not even suspect.

Almost 70% of the Fortune 500 companies offer mentoring programs. You can find out which programs they are currently using in the HR department or HR department of your company. In IBM, for example, each employee, before he begins to work, appoint a mentor for “communication”; and after the employee takes office, he is given an official mentor.

Although, in order to find a mentor and build relationships with him, now requires much more effort than during the recovery of the economy. In quiet times, managers are set up positively and they are not so upset with the idea of ​​taking someone to himself “under the wing.” When there is a storm in the economic sea, you have to think strategically. First, think of what goals you pursue, taking a mentor. What would you like to achieve? Do you want to know more about project management? Are you interested in studying the human side of the business? Do you want to help implement the corporate policy? Make a priority list of your goals.

Finding out what you want to accomplish, look for a colleague with the knowledge or experience you would like to acquire. But be careful about your choice. Try to find out how a person you see as a mentor represents a working process; Ask about those who are familiar with his style of work.

You should also consider whether the potential mentor will lead you along the path that you have chosen.

Remember that mentoring is a two-way road, especially during the economic downturn. It will be much easier for you to work with someone if you are considered a person who is able to understand the pressure that a leader expects daily.

Talk to him kindly and be ready to help. You can tell your supervisor that you admire his work and ask him to train you in certain things, for example, in making major deals or engaging your colleagues in the project. In turn, offer your help in working on a project that he directs.

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