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Dismissal is just a step towards a new job

The desire to throw everything loudly slam the door and wickedly think at the same time that, it seems, we will see how you are all here without me going around, at least once in life, visited every person who fails.

Not always is the consequence of the fact that at work you have indeed created unbearable conditions. Maybe you’re just tired, or for a long time you are carrying on yourself unbearable “off” official duties? In this case, you just have to wait, sit over, best of all – take a small vacation and calm down. Or to talk with the bosses – if you are a truly valuable worker, it will always come to you. Well, if …

Alas, it does not rarely happen that the work really did not give pleasure to you, but the head came with a complete psychological incompatibility. And maybe you even made it clear that in your services there no longer need it, or even pointed directly to the door. What then?

Understand the situation
First of all: get from the authorities clear statement of the reasons for which you are fired. The Labor Code strictly prescribes the procedure for termination: the employer can accuse the employee of a systematic non-performance of work responsibilities, but in this case he must demand from the employee explanation of the reasons in writing.

In addition, the employer applies disciplinary measures, he may declare the unwilling employee more than two complaints. And anyway, the employee can be dismissed not earlier than a month after the official’s failure to perform his official duties.

An employee can be fired either in violation of labor discipline or because of false information provided to him (for example, a fake diploma), or in connection with the liquidation of the institution or the change of staff of the company in which he works. And in this case you must inform about dismissal in writing and not later than in two months.

Sum up to defend your rights – and your dismissal will entail a minimum of material and moral losses.

The second commandment of the hired worker: be able to leave beautifully! A calm, civilized lay-off without hysteria and the intention to spoil the “all of them” mood will protect you from unnecessary stress.

Remember that your main task in this situation is to leave a good impression about yourself.

It is in your own interests. After all, literally from tomorrow you will have to start looking for a new job, and today a rare employer will not want to inquire about who he wants to take to his firm. In addition, recently in the labor market “in fashion” includes such thing as letters of recommendation.

If the relationship with the boss is not spoiled, and the firing has passed in soft pastel colors, then the bosses will certainly not refuse to write to you from all sides a positive characteristic.

The search for a new job begins with the writing and publication of the resume, taking advantage of the advice of specialists.

If you understand that the leadership has already made a decision about your dismissal, and from day to day you will be informed about it – take the initiative in your hands. Leave yourself. It always looks better. And then, at home, trying not to give too much emotionality, think carefully: Why did not you please what was the mistake. And try to take these lessons into the new workplace.

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