Than the company threatens mass layoffs of employees
Are there ways in which employers can reduce court costs by using civilized contraction methods? It turns out to be there. Reducing without harm to health What threatens companies with…

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Than the company threatens mass layoffs of employees

Are there ways in which employers can reduce court costs by using civilized contraction methods? It turns out to be there.

Reducing without harm to health
What threatens companies with mass layoffs? First, troubles with trade unions. Secondly, claims and litigation, the complication of relations with executive authorities, the nervous situation at the enterprise, the loss of loyalty, etc. The reduction of staff always has negative consequences, which can not be affected at once and which can not always be foreseen. This is the loss of consumer loyalty, and the loss of a worthy image, and the movement of employees against the organization that fired them. Therefore, if there is a need for layoffs, they should be pursued in order to maximally facilitate the participation of abbreviated employees.

When the state is reduced, the rule “last on the entrance – the first on the exit” usually operates. Those employees who worked in the organization for a shorter term are the first candidates for dismissal. At the same time, they usually do not think about the consequences. During the crisis of 1998, many actively developing companies began to reduce their total staffing.

And only individual organizations, such as Reebok, saved people by half-time. What happened in the future? When in half a year the market started to return to normal life, companies that fired employees began to seek out specialists, which is not so simple. As a result, firms that have retained the state, recovered faster and easier, far ahead of competitors. In addition, the loyalty of staff of companies that even took care of their employees during the crisis was strengthened.

Typically, the owners of companies with the help of layoffs solve current problems, and moreover, in isolation from strategic plans. It may turn out that now the company does not need these workers, and in six months it will appear. In addition, those people who want to keep in production, begin to feel in a shaky situation and often leave.

It is impossible to calculate that at the enterprise where the planned layoffs, the personnel will work at least “satisfactorily”. “We have repeatedly contacted the companies with the question of what can be done so that people who have been notified of the reduction of staff have worked well,” says Svetlana Symonenko, DeTech Business Development Director, Candidate of Psychological Sciences. – Nothing can be done. Absolutely. One can try to do something, but, as a rule, it is not efficient: people are disappointed, they have apathy. And the worst thing in this situation is that the ones who want to save are the first to leave. ”

If the company is going to carry out the modernization associated with the dismissal of workers, first of all it is necessary to find out who can be the driver of change. In this case, it is necessary to involve consultants who will carry out the appropriate audit. “Recently, we were invited by the director of a large company, who intended to reduce the staff, and asked to test the capabilities of all employees,” said Svetlana Symonenko. – With this approach you can identify people with amazing abilities that nevertheless work at very small positions, such as operators.

So there are talented people who are then checked for learning, readiness for change, the ability to form a team, etc. It is precisely these employees who can guide new ideas and forms of work. But there are also such workers who are “carriers of technologies”, effective due to experience, not ability. They do not have the potential for development. But getting rid of such people is the same as cutting a bitch on which you are sitting. For these people, too, you have to hold on. As a rule, these are technologists that are highly valued in the market in their sector and which will always be pleased to accept a competitive enterprise. ”

It is necessary that the inevitability of contractions is obvious to the personnel. Gallagher Liggett-Dukat, for example, has developed the project “Standardization of the number of personnel by type of production equipment”, which allows accurately calculate the rates of production for one or another type of equipment for a particular position. If the operating standards of the equipment are not significantly exceeded, this indicates that the state is bloated. For the leader, such a link to statistics, specific figures can be a good help in talking with employees.

Svetlana Symonenko advises to meet with every employee who has fallen into contraction. The employer must be responsible for the staff. You need a consultant who will guide the dismissed workers to help them find a job. Such procedures must necessarily be carried out with the personnel of the lower link. More skilled personnel are more likely to be employed on their own, but they also need support.

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