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Types of fraud in the labor market

Companies that sell products using network marketing are a bit different. They really offer work, but it is very different from the one that the applicant expects.

Most often, gullible cizens come across a fishing rod of “cadre agencies”, offering for a ary to employ everybody. In fact, under the solid sign, the “recruitment agency” hides far less solid companies to provide information and consulting services.modest sal

To understand what lies behind the inventive name, let’s see how these offices work. The applicant, who called the agency, is invited to the office (he, by the way, may look quite decent) for an interview, where, according to the stories of numerous success stories, they are asked to fill out a simple questionnaire and sign a contract for rendering services. But first you need to make a prepayment – usually from forty to seventy hryvnias. After the money is paid and the contract is signed, the company issues a complete list of vacancies to the client. True, this list is no different from those that can be found in newspapers of free ads or on numerous websites.

Writing complaints and appealing to law enforcement agencies is useless, because the black-and-white agreement stipulates that the company undertakes to provide consulting services to the client, or provide a database that it has actually done. Sometimes, however, the treaties contain a tricky phrase that a firm must help in finding a job until it recruits the client. But this only means that you will be regular, let’s once a month, receive statements from newspapers, until you yourself get tired of it.

In order not to become a victim of such offices, it is best to ask in advance how the real human resources agencies work. To begin with, one must know that the recruitment agencies do not take money from the job seeker, and from his employer – let’s say 10-15% of the annual income chosen by a specialist. It is worth saying that the selection of applicants is strictly, because the company does not want to waste time and risk reputation. First, the staffing manager on the phone finds out general information about the applicant and gives brief information about the job vacancy.

If both parties are satisfied with the talks, the candidate is invited to the office, fills in the questionnaire with questions about education, work experience, etc., and then goes to an interview that can take several stages. For example, first is common to several candidates, then individual. The more responsible the post and the higher the salary, the more checks. Some employers require a mandatory psychological testing of potential employees.

High-paying work in the office
The second common type of fraud is the announcement of an invitation to a high-paying (with a salary of $ 700) work in the office. Anyone who knows a bit about the life of the metropolitan “office plankton” is well aware that no company will ever look for “employees in the office” with the help of advertisements on lantern posts. Therefore, the victims of such prohodimtsev become mainly young people who barely graduated from the institute, or even at all without higher education, hoping that it was just their happy ticket.

Most often such announcements promise the position of “assistant manager”. It’s not possible to find out by phone what the company does, but instead, the voice at the other end of the wire will tell you that the rapidly expanding company is disastrously lacking in employees, and you really need it. There will be no clear explanations about the sphere of activity of the firm in the office, where the applicant will invariably invite, but future executives will delight tell about the prospects of career growth and demonstrate schedules for raising wages. Then the “future employee” will once again report that he is the one who is looking for a firm, but who want so much that needs to be rushed. Yes, a small detail: in order to begin responsible high-paying work, you need to undergo a paid tuition or, optionally, to pay for a pass, a package of instructions or something like that. What is a hundred hryvnia against the background of a future salary of $ 500? Having paid the money, the happy applicant finally reads the signed contract, and finds out that he has just bought a useless plastic card or signed up for an incomprehensible seminar.

By the way, by the way, there are various firms that distribute various miracle drugs through network marketing. The only difference is that a naive competitor does get a job – he is offered to wholesale buy a product and independently distribute it at retail. Only the total amount of income in times different from the one promised at the beginning.

A separate line is the fraud in such a sphere as work at home. Indeed, there are many types of activities that you can do without leaving your home. This is a set of texts on a computer, calling by phone of potential clients or making of what

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