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Methods of hunting for invisible vacancies

Most of them use proven and well-known methods of job search:

search through job-sites to the Internet;
viewing ads in newspapers;
calling friends and friends;
social networks;
application to employment agencies.
For middle-level specialists in most industries, such methods yield results. But with the growth of unemployment, this result will come more rarely and longer.

Increasing competition in the labor market in the coming months will require new, non-standard ways to find work. Especially for rare professionals and top managers. The fact is that there is a huge invisible market of vacancies, information about which is not published in the media and the Internet. According to various reports, 50-70% of vacancies are not advertised in the press and the Internet, and in some areas the percentage of “hidden vacancies” reaches 100%.

How and why there are hidden vacancies?
1. Conservatism and saving employers. Many executives prefer to attract candidates from their friends, friends, friends and relatives of their own and their employees. It is assumed that such people are already loyal to the company. Well, the search costs are minimal.

2. Confidentiality. Many employers do not like to post vacancies. This is especially true for vacancies of top managers in the “redistribution of power” in the company. Or, in developing a new direction of business secretly from competitors.

3. Unconscious necessity. There are no vacancies as such. There is a problem with the company, but the need for a new employee by the manager is not yet realized. However, if a person declaring appears – “I know this problem and I’m going to solve it”, he can make a proposal.

4. Well-equipped work with personnel: timely improvement, transfer, training of staff. Skillful management of internal personnel reserves. In such cases, experts from the side are considered last. But they still look.

5. Poor work with personnel. Banal causes: irregular updating of vacancies on sites, negligence or change of HR-manager, “do not reach hands” from the leadership to formulate the need, the hope of “communication” of the head, and others.

6. Favorites. There are traditionally inaccessible “for others” in the field of activity, where it is not customary to look for people “on the street”: show and media business, hairdressing and modeling, medicine and some other spheres.

7. All yours. A vacancy can be opened in a narrow branch, where “everyone knows each other”. Publication of vacancies may affect the reputation of the company or cause unnecessary discussions among competitors.

How to hunt for hidden vacancies?
There are 2 main ways:

1. To trust experts. Attract recruiters for an individual job search. Especially since such services under different names (“Personal Career Advisor” or “Personal Search Job”) are already starting to be provided by some agencies. Those who are timely retrained from “Head Hunters” into “hunters for vacancies.” It turns out a kind of headhunting vice versa.

2. Engage in hunting for employers themselves. Here you will have to show many of its useful qualities:

analytical skills by collecting information about attractive employers;
resourcefulness for calculating the contacts of decision makers;
communication skills to convince these individuals of their need;
initiative and persistence in contacts to achieve the goal.
The work is to be done on jewelry and dot. Indisputable plus: Competition of applicants for such vacancies is incomparably lower than those placed on the Internet.

Thus, the thrown thesis that “Job Searching – It’s Work” will sound differently for you: “Search for hidden vacancies is a special job.”

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