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From a crisis and unemployment will save a good resume

In addition to inflation, rising prices and increasing all sorts of tariffs, the unstable economic situation has also led to a reduction in jobs. And loss of work can be quite conscientious and skilled experts.

Even when suddenly “on the street” or on an indefinite leave, you should not despair. Talented, proactive professionals are always needed. And even if you were not appreciated in one firm, the other you will certainly be rewarded. The first and one of the most important steps to gaining a new job is your resume. At least 50% of the success at the initialpends on how it is compiled. stage de

Self-portrait in majors
In essence, the summary represents your portrait. More precisely, even a self-portrait, after all, it’s better for you to have your resume unlikely someone will make it. Provided, of course, that you will approach this business with maximum responsibility. Only you can honestly determine your positive and negative sides based on where you worked and what specific responsibilities you have performed.

Occasionally, HR managers review the resume at the level: whether it is personal to him. Certainly, you can apply for the compilation of your self-portrait and to professionals. But, firstly, real professionals are rare now. And secondly, as already mentioned, only you can make the most complete and truthful “personal card” yourself.

We break and list
So, start writing a resume with a breakdown of it by 3-4-5 points, depending on the position you are applying for. The following are the main points – the so-called general information, including information about the surname, name, descent, gender, family status, the presence of children and contact information.

In the following section, describe in detail your education. Do not miss all sorts of courses, trainings. Be sure to include not only the enumeration of places of study but also the specific specialty you received as a result in this item.

Experience is the main trump card
The next item will include the most important thing for your future employer – your work experience. Here, with particular care, enter the years of work, position, specific responsibilities that you performed. After all, the instructions of the “manager” is too small to compose a representation about you. The manager can also be called the current head of the company, and a simple consultant to the mall.

In the West, the common practice is not only the description of what you managed to achieve during the time of work in one place or position, but also the mistakes that you allowed. If the line is empty, the HR officer is likely to postpone the resume aside, since there are no innocent people. True, in Ukraine, most of all, aside from the summary, where the applicant honestly wrote: my advertising company has justified itself by only a third. So more effective in our case will be the mention of your ability to “ruin” the mistakes of colleagues. For example, “despite the crisis, I managed to raise sales by 15%.”

Prove your uniqueness
All of the following parts of the resume depend only on what kind of post you are applying for. If this is a job of a PR specialist or designer, it will be unnecessary to apply several of his works, indicate the presence of special knowledge of psychology, design, etc.

In addition, try to get the most complete information about your potential supervisor and adjust the resume for it. Also, it will not hurt to pay special attention to the portfolio. But even the most competently summarized summary will not replace your personal qualities – somehow the ability to behave in an interview, produce a good impression and inspire confidence. But this is a completely different story.

Use the recommendations of the site to make a good resume and get the job you want.

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