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Fighting at work

Fighting in the office – the phenomenon is not as rare as it seems. It is simply not mentioned about them most often. Usually they occur “word by word”. In the editorial office of one of the largest business newspapers, about two years ago, two journalists – trainee and staff correspondent – broke out. Who was guilty and why the reason could not be clarified, because both fighters did not appear more in the editorial board. A pity: the note at the end of the article “For this material was shed the blood of employees” would be very adorned with the text.

On the walls of the office, a small oil trading company still has traces and litter. Once, two of the oldest employees in the heat of a polemic about the ways of development of the company began to rush into each other’s cups. Of course, the cups might not fly, if one of the employees did not report their opinion about the husband of another.

Office fights, although spontaneous, are amazed by their sophistication, for example, one colleague has planted another in a garbage can. And programmer Igor once bit his deputy director of his company. “Usually I communicate in a different way, but here, what is called, the circumstances have caused. I said that I was leaving and began to collect my belongings, – explained Igor. – And the deputy found out that I did not have the right to take anything without his permission, especially my cup. After these words it was only possible to give him a forehead. ” The fighter chef-graduate of the landing school with the programmer made a strong impression on the staff: all those present froze and watched the battle without moving. “As a result, I took everything that was on the table and left,” Igor concludes.

The chair is the cause of the chaos
As it turned out, after “dangerous words” the main cause of fights in the office are chairs. In relation to these “problematic” furniture objects, one can sometimes find out the true essence of a person. “I once saw how two colleagues were beating from places,” Svetlana says. “Two times they hit each other on the back and pushed!” Participants of this fight were considered as friends, but friendship is friendship, and the chair is one. The head of the advertising department tried to reconcile the girls, but in response he heard that now she suddenly can knock down the car. By the end of the day, one of the contenders on the chair was crying and asked if the opponents were really strong criminal ties.

The head of the controversy closed the end of the dispute, threatening to dismiss both of them, if there was no silence in the office. Was the second chair bought? It is unknown.

But the designer Dmitry with difficulty, but still kept from beating a designer colleague who regarded his chair as an indicator of high social status. “I thought that fighting at work was not a comillo,” he reasoned.

And an angry analyst employee, throwing a chair in the company’s CEO, the remaining barricaded the door to his office.

Who is afraid
According to the office psychotherapist Artyom Sychev, many office battles are a direct consequence of … sedentary work. In his opinion, corporate subscriptions to the gym are needed precisely then for employees to “throw” aggression at the expense of muscular effort. “This is the so-called telomeric-oriented psychotherapy,” explains Artemis. – In the absence of movement, people constantly cramps emotions and, as a result, irritability rises. ” At the same time, according to the expert, people who do not get up to 8 hours from their chairs, do not even realize what the source of their irritated condition is.

The most dangerous people in the offices are employees with a high degree of material liability. Not without reason the regular clients of office psychotherapists are employees of the departments of economic security. According to Sychev, they often develop the so-called “delusions of material damage”, which, under normal circumstances, is not typical for a young banking official, but manifested in old age dementia. The first symptom of the delirium of material damage is constant anxiety. “When on the background of such a paranoia someone will try some thing, for example, a mug or a chair, they can” tear the roof “- warns the therapist.

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